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Cities and towns are open-participation community projects. As of right now, cities are mostly showcases since players prefer to live in large private rural estates, however it is possible this may eventually change. Cities on Wooden Axe tend to follow a boom-bust cycle, with the city going through a period of great activity and then becoming deserted as players move on to other projects. Because of this, most of the cities on the server are idle, and only one or two will have players visiting on a daily basis.

Name Description Getting there Active? Drop in
and build?


Mako is probably the single largest city on the server. It has a large airport, an urban area, an "Old Town" district with microbuilds, and a seaside boardwalk. North Mako features a 18th century seaside port theme. Mako also has the largest community mall on the server. It is located quite far east, a 60 km walk east on Intersnout 10 if masochism is your thing.

/res tp onedollarshop

Very active


Info, there are others too
Porkton Porkton (formerly Metropolis) is a large and somewhat eccentric city. It features a large government complex with a UN Assembly Building, White House, and Treasury. Many of its participants are refugees from the former Aporkalypse server (in fact, the street layout and some buildings like the Canadian Embassy are exact, block-for-block replicas of their Aporkalypse counterpart). It is located 10 km northeast of Spawn along Intersnout 10. /res tp porkton Occasionally Yes Info
Walmart City Walmart City is a long-term project to build a gray-themed urban city, headed by MR_ANDY. It housed Walmart, the busiest store on the server until it was eclipsed by Costco in fall 2013. Walmart City is located halfway between Spawn and Porkton along Intersnout 10. /res tp walmart Occasionally Yes, see page Info, also in Wiki
Spawn City Spawn City is located immediately north of Spawn, and was founded in 2014 after the teardown of the Spawn Mall and development of an urban district. Note that Spawn City may also refer to the city that existed in the V1.0 version of World (now moved to Relic). /spawn Somewhat active No, see
Fishburbia Fishburbia is the single oldest city on Wooden Axe. It was founded by FishInTheFog on Day One of the V2.0 map (August 1, 2013), and is located about 15 km due east of Spawn. /res tp fishburbia Ghost town Yes Info
East City East City is the easternmost city on the server, founded by ZombieXM in September 2014. It is located at an extreme distance east, even further out than Mako City. Unfortunately there was not much migration out that way and the city is small and mostly inactive. The whereabouts of its founder is unknown. /res tp eastcity New but rarely active Yes Info