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View the original forum post for the Getting Started Guide here.

The Getting Started Guide was written by akicogg and designed to answer some frequently asked questions new members may have about WoodenAxe and/or Minecraft in general.

Command Reference

  • /help [page_num] - list page of help
  • /rules - view the WoodenAxe rules
  • /seen [playername] - tell when person was last online
  • /list - list all connected players
  • /glist - shows what world players are in
  • /warp - list available warp locations
  • /warp [location] - teleport to the location specified
  • /sethome - set your current position as your home
  • /home - teleport you to your home location
  • /tpa [playername] - request a teleport to specified person
  • /tpaccept - accept a teleport request from another player
  • /tpdeny - deny a tp request from another player
  • /spawn - respawn your player at the default spawn point
  • /money - list your current account balance
  • /money pay [playername] [amount] - pay somebody
  • /res ? - get in-game help on using residence
  • /res list [playername] - get a list of the residences you, or another player, owns
  • /res create [resName] - create a residence, after selecting the cuboid with a wooden hoe
  • /res remove [resName] - delete a residence, you will not be refunded any money
  • /res give [resName] [playername] - give a residence to another player

Getting Started Guide

Hello! How do I join the server?

If you are interested in becoming a member of WoodenAxe, create an account on the forums (preferably with your in-game username) and post a message in New Member Introductions. It takes anywhere between 5 minutes to 4 months on average for a response. Providing some basic information such as your age, your in-game name, and where you found the server will expedite this process. You'll be able to build once you're made a member and have read over the server rules.

Log onto WoodenAxe server once you're approved:

Remember, WoodenAxe is an adult server! Those under 18 years of age need not apply.

Where can I build?

WoodenAxe's spawn is protected in a 300 block radius. Outside that, you are free to build as you please, as long as it isn't in another player's clearly marked territory. You'll probably want to build some distance away from spawn; Consult our livemap at [1] to find the perfect place for your settlement. It is common courtesy to ask before building near another player's structures.

You may also choose to build in one of the many cities available on Wooden Axe. Cities are generally considered collaborative projects, so minimum-distance rules do not apply. You can freely build in them as long as you comply with any published guidelines for building in that city.

To get back to spawn, type /spawn. Guests can also /spawn should they find themselves stuck inside a hole with no way out. ‚Äč

How do I set a home?

Homes act as "save points" to which you can teleport. Members get one /home, which can be set by entering /sethome, and accessed by entering /home. Supporters get two /homes, which can be set by entering /sethome <name>, and accessed by entering /home <name>. To delete a home, enter /delhome.

How do I protect myself?

Since any breaking of blocks is immediately banned and rolled back, you only need to be concerned with locking your chests and protecting your animals. WoodenAxe has two plugins that will help protect your things from looters/murderers.

Lockette is a chest-locking plugin which utilizes signs to protect a chest's contents. To lock a chest, place a sign either in front, on top, or directly onto the chest and type [Private] on the first line. Your name will show up on the second line, indicating that you have successfully locked your chest. [Private] signs will also work on doors, trapdoors, gates, crafting tables, furnaces, and enchanting tables.

The Residence plugin allows you to make residences, which will automatically secure all the chests inside the residence area. To make a residence, you can view [Tutorial] made by one of our members.

The killing of animals is not griefing and is not a bannable offense. Protect your livestock by keeping them in a residence with the butcher flag set to false (/res set ResidenceName butcher false). This will prevent other players from killing your animals. Note that others can still ride saddled animals - the only way to prevent others from riding off with your animals is to keep them in an enclosed space inside your residence, or take the saddles off.

Looting unlocked chests is allowed, but locking your chests is simple and easy. Better safe than sorry!

Typing /res info [resname] will give you information about a particular residence, including where it is in the world (West or East). It is a good idea to look up residences before teleporting to them.

How do I make money?

New members start out with $100 in their account, which you can view by typing /money. To make money, you can sell certain items to Matt at the Bank in the northern district of spawn. You can teleport to the bank by typing /res tp bank. There are also player-created chest shops you can sell items to; /res tp costco will take you to the largest shop on the server buying/selling most items. There are other player shops as well. Ask around. Shops are created using the ChestShop plugin.

Left-clicking on a chest shop sign will sell to the shop, while right-clicking will buy the item from the shop. Make sure you are not holding anything in your hand.

Members can also set up their own shops to sell items. View the [tutorial]. For more information view the Economy page. For a list of player shops go to List_of_Stores

How big is the world?

The red lines at the edges of the WoodenAxe livemap is the world border for members. Supporters can build 10k farther out from the red border.

What is the WoodenAxe Mumble server?

Mumble is a low-latency, high quality, open source VoIP, or voice chat program, much like Ventrilo. WoodenAxe has its own Mumble server: It can also be found under Public Internet > North America > Canada > WoodenAxe. You can help alleviate the global chatter by hopping on and voice chatting with us!

Download the Mumble client at their website. Here is a [[2]] to setting up and using Mumble.

Help! I've been looted/killed/griefed! What do I do?

If you've read the server rules, you will know that looting unlocked chests is allowed globally and PVP is allowed in the west, which is any negative X coordinate (bring up your coordinates by pressing F3). However, if you are killed in the east a) repeatedly, or b) no items are returned, it can be a bannable offense. (Keeping items is allowed in the west - see the rules!)

Griefing of any player-made structure is bannable. WoodenAxe works hard to ensure the safety of your builds. If you find yourself griefed, you can post a message in the [Reports] forum providing the coordinates where the griefing happened.

There is a someone being obnoxious on the in-game chat. Can we ban them?

Chat is not moderated. If someone is grating on your nerves, the official solution for this is to avail yourself of the /ignore <playername> command to block their messages. Since guests are unable to interact with the server or build, those unwilling to learn about our community will just be online for the attention. If you give them attention, they'll hang around longer, so the old rule "Don't Feed The Troll" applies here.

This server rocks! How do I show my support?

First of all, thank you! Any and all support is appreciated. For a certain amount, you will receive the Supporter rank in-game as well as a slew of other perks, all listed here on our portal page. Check out our Support the Server page for all payment options.