List of Stores

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Residence Name Items Owner Buys/Sells Status Res Map location Active?
Buy Clay Clay and Dyes nycpixie both Open buyclay Yes
Costco Most things btug and Cryptomeria both Open costco Map Yes
Walmart Everything Mr_Andy Both Open walmart Yes
Nchant Diamond Goods, Ores, Books NchantedHoe depends Open Nchant Map Yes
Onedollarshop Everything KevynM both Open onedollarshop Map Yes
r.ide Horses and supplies Tibal sells Open r.ide Yes
r.x Potions Tibal sells Open r.x Yes
Ebay Everything sir_dank both Open/Under Construction ebay No
Home Depot Assorted kireinafujin sells Open homedepot No
zarlorenderman Lots zarlormercenary both Open zarlorenderman No

Inactive Stores

  • market (ArtemLOL)
  • kaki.hoe (NchantedHoe)

Dead Stores

  • Fart Mart (junglemason)
  • KMart (iud13)
  • Mineaway (stevethompson)
  • Noob (stevethompson)
  • cumngo (racegirl21, Mr_Andy, Hannah_B4nana)
  • (mydogiswellhuge)

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