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Aerial view of Mako Island as seen on December 2015.

Mako is a collection of urban builds originally created in August 2014 by hemi61 and junglemason. It has become the largest urban build on the server. In the words of hemi61, "For some stupid reason I felt compelled to convert a desert island into not desert so I thought I would make something out of it and now we have Mako Island."


Mako is connected to the rest of the server via Intersnout 10 (a long-ass 62 km walk). Users who are sane can teleport to the island via /res tp onedollarshop.

Mako Island and Mako City shares the continent with two other municipalities:

  • Shroom Town
  • Kaki Airport Zone


Mako is divided into several boroughs as follows:

  • Mako Island: The original townsite started here as Mako Island, a collection of 15x15 plots near <43300,-1700>. Currently this borough has no one in charge.
  • Mako City: The city was developed shortly after Mako Island's appearance. It is roughly centered around the mall and airport area near <43100,-1500>. The person in charge of this borough is junglemason. In January 2015, Mako Mall, located at <43300,-1500> comprised the busiest collection of shops on the server and was anchored by KevynM's One Dollar Shop, which for awhile was the only vendor buying diamonds.
  • North Mako: This is a more rustic, sea-themed subdivision headed by Col_Sandurz. It is located north of Mako Island around the <43200,-1900> area, and features a pirate ship. Nearby is a massive hospital built by KevynM... oddly enough the doors are locked but as of late 2015 it was possible to enderpearl onto the roof and get in to tour the interesting building. West of the hospital is a drive-in movie theater, mostly unfinished.
  • The Desert: Outside the urban zones is a large desert. A few builds like Village of Hell, Shroomtown, the nuclear power plant, and the Wooden Axe crypt known as Rip (with coffins left by dozens of Wooden Axe players) can be found here. A secret tunnel leading to the crypt system can be accessed from the bottom of the pool in one of the nuclear power plant cooling towers. Secret tunnels between builds.. how awesome is that?