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Origin is a Supporter only server that is meant to provide players with a more challenging experience than the primary server World. It uses the Bukkit plugin Extra Hard Mode. There is only local chat and private messaging.

No-griefing and harassment rules still apply to Origin. Although, unlike World, the entire map is open to PvP.

Players with an active Supporter rank can transfer to the Origin server from any of the Woodenaxe servers with the command: /server origin

Origin Gameplay

  • Every player spawns randomly within a 15k block radius. If you die, you'll get a new random location. If you sleep in a bed you will respawn there, unless your bed is destroyed or obstructed! Make sure to protect your bed
  • Loose materials like cobble and dirt will fall like sand and gravel, forcing players to solve mining obstacles (like giant pits) by bringing appropriate building materials with them or getting very creative in their approach, rather than just using the dirt and cobble they conveniently picked up along the way.
  • The trunk and branches of a tree will fall and potentially injure you. It makes it easier to chop trees, but you have to watch out a little for the falling logs.
  • Stone is extremely hard, making tunneling with a pickaxe impractical. Players will have to scout the wilderness for natural caverns, or make their own caves with much-improved TNT. This brings exploration, navigation, and risk-taking to the forefront of gameplay. The most successful players will be those who map the surface and develop a clever marking system for caverns.
  • Cave-ins are a persistent threat. Mining ore softens the stone around it, which can then fall and injure the careless player. *Dirt and grass, which is often compacted into a solid mass in cavern ceilings and floors, will also come crashing down when disturbed. Of course, TNT can make a really big mess, since it also softens stone to subject it to the pull of gravity.
  • Monsters spawn in light at or below level 15
  • A Zombie will slow a player down for a few seconds when the player is hit by a zombie. Zombies may resurrect when slain. They will respawn after a few seconds and might ambush a player.
  • Skeletons have special abilities like shooting knockback, blindness and fire arrows. They can also spawn silverfish to make it harder for the player to reach them.
  • Charged creepers will spawn naturally and explode on death. It’s supposed to be a fearsome monster and fighting it should be avoided. Killing a creeper may drop ignited tnt. The dropped tnt will act the same as player ignited tnt which can be configured at the bottom. A creeper which dies while being on fire will launch in the air and explode with some fireworks.
  • Blazes will spawn in the nether naturally and near bedrock in the overworld. Blazes in the overworld are unstable and will explode on death and cause cave ins. Blazes killed in the overworld will not drop Blaze Rods.
  • PigZombies are always pissed-off
  • Tons of changes to the end and the dragon. It's a worthy battle now.
  • Plants can die if not tended to correctly. This includes exposure to daylight, sufficient water to keep your crops alive.
  • No permanent flames near diamond level (there’s not enough air!). Players will have to get creative with their lighting, for example using dimmer redstone torches (spooky!), moving lava around with buckets (dangerous!), using glowstone (expensive!), or lighting temporary flint/steel fires (risky!). This also discourages players from dumping water on all the lava, since it can be a valuable source of light, holding monsters at bay.
  • Players may not attach torches to loose materials like dirt, grass, and sand.
  • Torches left out in the rain will go out, falling to the ground as items.
  • Giants spawn naturally in some biomes and shoot fireballs. When they are killed, their baby zombie children are summoned.
  • Chat only reaches 160 blocks
  • Nether Wart will not grow naturally however Zombie Pigmen have a chance to drop Nether Wart when killed.
  • Pumpkins and melons will not produce seeds however seeds can still be found in chests.
  • The Player will not be able to swim if over encumbered.
  • Fire spread is active. This coupled with Skeletons with fire aspect bows and lighting makes building material choices important.
  • Endermen will sometimes teleport the player during combat.


Griefing is not allowed on Origin just as in World however there are several distinctions that set Origin apart from World in this area.

  • You may break blocks to gain entry into anyone's structure on Origin as long as you replace all broken block(s). Replaced blocks on a structure is not a bannable offense.
  • Player placed blocks that are destroyed by mobs are not required to be replaced. (Alleged)Creeper bombing is a legitimate pastime.
  • You may be banned on Origin without being banned on World.
  • Since there is no protection of chests looting is allowed. Be sure to hide your valuables or, better still, put them in an Enderchest.