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Porkton as of November 11 2015

Porkton (formerly Metropolis) is a high-density urban build at 7600,-10501 near the northern end of the main continent. It is about 10 km north-northeast of Spawn. Its intent is to provide a true city experience for players. There are residences, stores, artistic projects, a fire station, sewers, a subway, an Ikea, and even an airport. A focus on pigs, ham, bacon, and sausage is recommended.


Initial construction was by Mapcratic on October 15, 2013, at a spot on a relatively flat plains with many horses. Additional help came in the weeks ahead from DiscourseMarker, Tsaomao, Knodding, and GoldmanDK, all of who are considered founders. Many others joined in November. The town started spreading beyond the city walls in January. It was renamed Porkton in September 2014 in honor of its inspiration, the city of Porkton on the now-defunct Aporkalpyse server.


A complete list of rules can be found in the Metropolis thread at https://forum.woodenaxe.com/threads/metropolis-city-thread.3954/. The primary restrictions are to stay within designated plots if building within the city walls, and to not erect cycling redstone systems or mob farms in or near the city (no lag allowed). Lag sources can be built at a respectable distance from the city if needed. Players can build freely outside the city walls.