Sand Estates

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A view of Sand Estates.

Sand Estates is a community project opened to the server in July 2015. It is focused on creating a community of lavish mansions, manors, and chateaus. The project is headed by NchantedHoe and is located in the 5000, 11000 area.

Sand Estates

The first biome recovery project of woodenaxe

History: At the start of the map in 2013, Mr_Andy hosted a open public residence for the sole collection of sand. /res tp sand The biome was completely devastated, and in the summer of 2015, a team of biome recovery experts started work. NchantedHoe, fiskit_says, rawterr, junglemason got to work. Many other players helped out filling in the removed sand area's, and terraforming the area to a buildable, livable biome.

Strict guidelines were formed to create a showpiece build area.

jmactastic and NchantedHoe teamed up to create /res tp sandyballs . Woodenaxe's very own enderpearl golf course. (need page added for golf course)

Open res's in Sand Estates

/res tp sandyballs

/res tp publicbeach

/res tp sandnaturereserve