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Skyblock Server

Skyblock is a server running the skyblock mod.

No-griefing and harassment rules apply to the Skyblock server.

Users can transfer to Skyblock by using the command: /server skyblock

The Origin of Skyblock

The Skyblock server originated on December 26, 2013. It's original function was to give WoodenAxe's members a server to play on while the main World underwent an anticipated 27+ hours update to Minecraft version 1.7.4. It was so well received that the decision was made to reset and keep the server for active supporters.


Command Permission Description

  • /is h This will teleport you back to your island. This can be used to save your ass when you are falling.
  • /island usb.island.create Start a new skyblock island, or return to an existing one.
  • /island restart usb.island.create Restart your skyblock island (will remove all progress)
  • /island sethome usb.island.sethome Set the point where you teleport to when using /island (note: can only be used close to your island)
  • /island info View information about yours or another persons island
  • /island top usb.island.topten View the top ten list.
  • /island lock usb.lock Prevents anyone outside of the player's party from entering the island (note: requires WorldGuard protection to be enabled)
  • /island unlock usb.lock Let anyone enter the player's island (note: requires WorldGuard protection to be enabled, and other player's will still be unable to build unless they are in the same party)
  • /island invite <player> Invite a player to join your island.
  • /island kick <player> Remove a player from your island.
  • /island makeleader <player> Make <player> the new owner of your island
  • /island accept Accept an invitation to join an island.
  • /island reject Decline an invitation to join an island.
  • /island leave Leave your current island. Note: If you are the party leader, you will keep the island and remove all other players.
  • /island party Display information about your island's leader and members
  • /island checkparty <player> Get information about <player>'s island group
  • /island partylist See a list of all island groups
  • /island listinvites See a list of pending invites
  • /island purgeinvites Delete the list of pending invites
  • /island partyclean Attempt to fix broken island groups (player's unable to leave/join islands)
  • /island warp usb.island.warp View information about the warp feature
  • /island warp <player> usb.island.warp Warp to <player>'s island. Requires that <player> have an active warp.
  • /island setwarp usb.extra.addwarp Set the location that players can warp to on your island. Anyone using /island warp to visit your island will teleport to this point
  • /island togglewarp usb.extra.addwarp enable/disable your island's warp point. When disabled non-party members will be unable to warp to your island.
  • /island ban <player> usb.island.ban ban/unban a player from warping to your island. Note: this only affects players using /island warp to visit your island
  • /challenges usb.island.challenges View the list of available challenges.
  • /challenges <challengename> usb.island.challenges View information about requirements/rewards for the given challengename.
  • /c <challengename> same as above
  • /challenges complete <challengename> usb.island.challenges Attempt to complete the given challengename.
  • /c c <challengename> same as above

Note: You can type /is in place of /island for all commands.