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Spawn as of 6/11/2015; the very first thing a player would see.


Spawn is the world's default spawn point, where members find themselves after their first login to the server. In the current world spawn occupies a 500 x 500 block area centered on the PVP border, where x = 0 and east meets west. Inside spawn are a series of public buildings built for informational, decorative, and community purposes.

Spawn is protected by World Guard and will not show up on the world map like normal residences. Only members of the spawn build team, Matt, and certain "plot owners" have permissions to build within spawn's borders.

The entirety of spawn is PVP disabled, meaning safe exchanges of goods and general loitering can be achieved.

Spawn Build Team

WoodenAxe's current spawn was established on July 1, 2013. Majority of spawn was planned and built entirely by supersnaketate, Rutager_von_Fisk, DankStone, Keasop, and glt1022, who are collectively known as the "The Spawn Build Team". Numerous other teams and individual players have aided in the building of spawn.

Public Buildings

Spawn's Train Station

Train Station

The train station is a large, two story brick building located south of the compass rose.

The station is home to "The Spawn Museum", which is divided into two wings, the east and the west wings; The East wing is the museum's "interactive" area, players can come and fool around with various displays including packed ice, dragon eggs and noteblocks, above that is a show case of a few handy residences such as where to get cane and wood.

The West wing is the item display area with the upstairs area being more oriented towards maps, Players have donated numerous named items to this part of the museum.

The train station recently received a renovation that added some size to its rear and changed some of the exterior cladding to quartz pillar. a steam train was put into the station area as-well.




The bank is the place to exchange valuable blocks for ingame currency. It is maintained by Matt and is a medium sized brick building due north of spawn, past the residence showcase. Players can teleport to the bank via /res tp bank. The bank can sometimes be out of money, Matt likes to keep the inwards flow of money short for the server so people are required to use other players and thus regulate the flow of money around.

WoodenAxe Stump

The WoodenAxe Stump is located on the west side of spawn. It features a wooden axe (the server's namesake) lodged in a giant stump. Inside the stump are large mushrooms and mycelium.

Spawn Toilet

One of the smallest and most interactive of the public builds is the Spawn Toilet. Located in the compass rose, right next to the server spawn point, it was originally built and conceived as a materials donation bin for the construction of spawn in the early days after the July 2013 map reset. It is so named the Spawn Toilet because of its resemblance to the modern, everyday bathroom fixture. Several notices have been put up warning players from throwing in unwanted miscellaneous items (i.e. "NOT A BIN"). As of January 2014, the Spawn Toilet is no longer an active donation bin. "Why cant people understand THIS IS NOT A F*$%ING BIN" ~snake

Compass Rose

Compass Rose

The Compass Rose at Spawn was originally conceived by nycpixie during the initial planning session for the Spawn building contest.

The night that the building contest was first announced, in June of 2013, Dankstone, bded343, Rutager_von_Fisk and nycpixie sat down to plan their Spawn build. From that session came two elements in the current Spawn: the wooden stump and the compass rose. The original mockup of the compass rose done that night can still be seen on the sandbox server at X: 1600, Z: -1950.

Soon after, due to time constraints, nycpixie and bded343 left the spawn team, and Supersnaketate, Keasop and glt1022 were brought on as part of the official team of five.

The Spawn map is found here.

Spawn Map

Residence Showcase

Residence Showcase

The residence showcase is a set of plots within spawn where supporters can represent popular server residences. The showcase is located in front of the bank, and can be accessed via /res tp showcase.


Although unused, spawn also has a stable where players can maintain their horses.

Spawn City

Spawn city is the collection of buildings that are located towards the south-west, north-west and north-east areas of spawn, The city is primarilary within Spawn's 500x500 worldguard limit however there are buildings owned by other players that lie just outside and to the north of the city that are not covered by the worldguard.

The city has numerous Infrustructure elements such as two lane roads, Streetlamps and a subway, most of which were built after the skyscrapers. In February of 2015 it begun a "remodel" where some skyscrapers were removed to make way for new more modern and much more decked out high rises, the beach was also modified to fit in with the new road system and the roads were extended down towards the south for the last of the spawn plots to be connected.

Currently snake is the only one working on the city elements, but gains help from Da13harris from time to time.

Spawn City

Still to be done:

  • Finish street lamps, Sign posts, Traffic Lights, Decorations.
  • Various Cars, Buses.
  • Bus Stops.
  • Continue Subway Tunnels and add multiple stations.
  • Matt to do last of spawn perms for outside players.
  • Interiors of buildings
  • New trains, track connections.
  • Maintenece tunnels underground.
  • Firestation Decorations.

Little Known Secrets

  • Under the Spawn compass is an auto farm with carrots, wheat and potatoes.
  • Under the Train Station is "The Spawn Builders Guild" a storage area for the main team of Spawn builders.
  • There are a few tunnels running under spawn. they may eventually be turned into something.
  • Some of spawns flat ground is hollow underneath.
  • There are signs inside the walls of The Bank.
  • Underneath the auto farm there is a labyrinth of abandoned mineshafts.
  • There were two Mooshroom cows underneath the Train Station called Tony Abbot and Kevin Rudd. Tony Has been killed and Kevin was set free to roam spawn(now M.I.A).
  • There is a few chickens and sheep in the mazes south of the Train Station.
  • The Spawn train wasn't originally part of spawn, it become part of it when Matt decided to create the buffer zone of spawn.
  • There used to be a fall trap made by Johnlennon87; /res tp spawn, it had claimed many victims before Matt finally rendered it useless and taking the res tp for actual spawn. This trap could be named the main reason for Matt changing residence names to be non case sensitive.
  • Spawns center isnt actually on 0,0 coords, the X:0 line lies more to the west of the compass rose
  • Snake found 2 cave dwelling horses underneath the east side train line, he and glt0122 helped rescue them. Now named Snappy and Scorcher the two reside in the spawn stables.

Old Spawn Build

Information about previous spawns... - The spawn for the newer world on relic - The original spawn for relic - any spawns before that