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Alpha Vampires

These are descendants of the master race.

  • Cryptomeria
  • MissMijo
  • WTFbeccca

Tarty Vampires

Walking around with their cocks hanging out.

  • Susachan
  • RocketTamm

Cranky-Pants Vampires

Being a cranky-pants is a part of their charm.

  • Juliegrace
  • Hardwired

Raunchy Vampires

Hardcore Raunch.

  • Jiineta
  • SaintxXxAsh
  • Voljub

Snazzy Vampires

Snazzy Motherfuckers.

  • ONEgoodARM

Suave Vampires

Rockin dat skin.

  • SuperSnakeTate

Hermit Vampires

No Chatin Mofos.

  • Allranger
  • SPMarostica