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World is the primary server of the Woodenaxe family of servers. World is semi-vanilla in the sense that it strives to have as few mods as possible, while still providing players with anti-grief options, an economy, and some tools for enhancing and promoting social interaction such as teleports and party chat. The rules for the server are set by the server owner, Matt.

Playing on World

New players who have not yet been accepted as members of Woodenaxe may join the World server as guests. Guests are allowed to move around the map and chat with players, but are unable to break or place blocks, pick up items, interact with mobs or redstone, or PvP. Guests can become members by having their application accepted by the server admin on the Woodenaxe Forum.

Players can join the server by using the address: Players can transfer to the world server from any of the other Woodenaxe servers with the command /server world. Upon first log-in, players will find themselves at the WoodenAxe spawn.

The World server is bounded (X:-9500..+50500, Z:-17500..+42500) and it is not possible to move past this boundary. Supporters can travel 10,000 meters past this threshold. On rare occasion, Matt expands the boundaries to allow access to newer biomes.


World V1.0 "oldworld"

not much information is still around about oldworld, but up until the 2013 new world players had access to oldworld and relic at the same time, including the ability to bring their inventory with them.

World V2.0 "relic"

The second world was started on March 2012 and was terminated August 1, 2013. Due to the release of Minecraft 1.6, it was phased out. Matt said "new players are joining into a world that's massively developed, and old players are becoming bored of their builds and hoards of excessive amounts of items. There are also some technical factors; over 200gb of livemap renderings, thousands of residences and player data files, and new items that can only be found in newly generated chunks." On August 1, 2013 the V2.0 version of the World became Relic.

World V3.0 (current)

The third (current) world was implemented on August 1, 2013. The server was upgraded to minecraft-1.8 on January 25, 2015; although the world borders were not expanded, players can move into one of the many unexplored areas shown on the livemap to get access to the new ores and NPC structures.

On October 18, 2013, Matt stated his intention for World V3.0 to be permanent: "I won't be resetting the map. I'll expand borders until the server explodes."