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Zune is a Supporter-only server established on 28 November 2014 that provides players with a more challenging experience than the primary server World. The main difference is that there is no economy, no plug-ins, and no protections. Zune was provided to allow the Wooden Axe community a chance to play Minecraft 1.8 until the main server was upgraded. It was instated as a replacement for Origin, but without the PvP and the chat proximity limitation. Due to its great popularity, Zune has been instated as one of Wooden Axe's permanent worlds.

Between November 2014 and January 2015, the majority of Wooden Axe play was on Zune, with over 20 people online at times. Zune also served as a testbed for Wooden Axe's various guardian grinder designs. However, effective with the World upgrade to 1.8 on 25 January 2015, most regular users of Zune chose to return to World, leaving Zune desolate by that weekend. Zune can still be played by those who prefer a more solitary or different gaming experience.

Basic information

  • The following are prohibited in Zune and will result in a ban: griefing, theft, PvP, and butchering other's animals.
  • To fully protect your stored items, you will have to use security through obscurity, or keep valuables in Enderchests or personal inventory.
  • Teleporting (/res tp) and /home commands are not available. If you die, you will return to Spawn or the last bed you slept in.
  • The main mode of travel in Zune is through an elaborate system of Nether highways and roads. By contrast, the overworld road network is not very developed.
  • A community workshop exists at +240,+240 and a farm down the granite walkway at +350,+150. New users may avail themselves of items in the workshop to get started.

How to get there

Players with an active Supporter rank can teleport to the Zune server using the command /server zune . You will not be able to message players in other servers, but you can see them using the command /glist . To exit Zune, log off or type /server world . The server can also be directly connected to at zune.woodenaxe.com.

Forum threads

ZUNE Closed

On Feb 23 2016 Matt closed zune and put up a world download here